Rajaraman Raghuraman has nearly 8 years of experience in the Information Technology industry focusing on Product Development, R&D, Test Data Management and Automation Testing.  He has architected a TDM product from scratch and currently leads the TDM Product Development team in Cognizant.  He is passionate about Agile Methodologies and is a huge fan of Agile Development and Agile Testing.  He blogs at Test Data Management Blog & Agile Blog.    Connect with him on Google+.  

The views/opinions in these blogs are his own and doesn't contain the voice of the Organization he is working with.

Words from the author

"I created this blog primarily for these reasons:

1.  There should be a knowledge base about Test Data Management (Which I didn't find when I was researching on this topic)

2.  Experience is a hard teacher, I also would love to share my experiences both positive and negative through my blogs so that it can benefit the readers.
3.  Everyone faces unique problems in software, but only a few share those problems and their solutions or workarounds.  I have thought many times what if these guys didn't try to share whatever knowledge they have gained.  In the same lines, I have also started to share my knowledge and experience
4.  A place to share my thought process about a particular terminology / technology
5.  This would be my technical dairy.  If I would look at this after a few years, I would know how mature I have become over the period of years."

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